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“This (We R 3C™ Program) is like the Holy Grail for parents that (We R 3C, Inc.) decided they were going to crack.”
– Evan Dawson: WHAM 13, Rochester, NY

“We R 3C, Inc. is dedicated to building and sustaining caring communities through programs which develop and celebrate respect, kindness and compassion.”
– Vision & Mission Statement

We R 3C, Inc. In The News

“The design of the We R 3C™ program’s approach to character education and development addresses the upper stages of Kohlberg’s ‘Stages of Moral Development in a way that many other programs do not.”
- Richard Greene, Principal, Jefferson Ave. Elementary School
“My son went through the We R 3C™ program and to this day I see change in his behavior. He is more respectful and tolerant.”
- 5th Grade Teacher & Parent

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